A Long Tooth

There was once a small boy. He loved sweets.

If he could, he would have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, he wasn’t allowed to (as am sure none of you are!)

Every evening he would stop by his favourite sweet shop.


He would find any excuse to go into the shop –

‘Oh! Have forgotten my gloves here. Mind if I take a look around?’

Or he would say

‘I thought I left my books here, let me check for them’


‘I am feeling faint, am going to lie down here for a while’

His dream was to be trapped inside the sweet shop and eat up all the sweets when everyone else was fast asleep.

And one day, his wish came true.

This particular evening, he decided to get into the sweet shop and then hide behind the huge sweet barrel.



That way, he could stay back even after the shop was closed. Nobody would see him.

And that’s what he did. The last customer left the shop and the old shop keeper locked up the shop.

The little boy waited for 5 minutes before poking his head out. Not a soul in sight. Just him and the sweets!!! Bliss!

He felt giddy just trying to decide which sweet to have first. He finally decided on a caramel filled chocolate bar. He sat himself comfortably in one of the chairs and took a big bite. Before he knew, he had finished that bar and the next and the next!

Suddenly he felt one of his teeth grow! It started growing long, much longer than the rest. It became as long as his hand, then twice as long! The tooth grew and grew and the little boy could no longer stand. He was soon dangling from the tooth.


The little boy rose up, high and higher. The boy and the tooth shot up through the roof of the sweet shop. He could soon see the roof tops, and then the tree tops. A few more minutes, and he was far above the ground – among the clouds. The tooth had finally stopped growing.


The little boy was terrified. All he wanted to do was, to go home – eat spinach, even! The whole night he was stuck there high among the clouds, balanced on that looooong tooth of his.

When morning came, the villagers were horrified to see the boy high up in the skies.
The fire brigade couldn’t find a ladder tall enough to reach him.


The dentists couldn’t find a drill big enough of get that tooth out.

Nobody could find a saw that was sharp enough to cut the tooth.

Soon it was night again and they all went back to sleep, except for the little boy. He started crying first softly and then it became a howl loud enough to awaken the nearest fairy. Ah, sorry, I forgot to mention this – fairies used to sleep in clouds.


The worst part about sleeping in clouds is that you never know where you will wake up. You could grab a comfortable cloud thats floating right above London Bridge and wake up in Timbuktu! Some fairies had taken to sleeping in trees, but this annoyed the bats a great deal.

So back to the fairy who was woken up by the boy’s cries.. She flew over to the little boy and almost flipped when she saw that loooooong tooth! The boy pleaded with the fairy to help him out. She got hold of the nearest cloud and sat herself comfortably on it. And then she thought and thought and thought (and almost slept off)

All of a sudden she had a brilliant idea! She flew up high above the clouds and got to the cloud that was closest to the morning sun. It was coloured pink and tasted like strawberry.


She took this cloud to the little boy and had him eat it little by little. The tooth started shaking little by little and soon just dropped off all the way to the ground beneath!

The fairy flew the boy down and he landed safely on the ground.

Now, our fairy was a very creative and talented fairy who always had some really good ideas. She took a long look at that long tooth and had the most brilliant idea!

She flew high up into the clouds with the tooth and built the most wonderful bed out of it. She could finally sleep in one place without fearing that she would drift off in her sleep! She took the fluffiest cloud that she could find and placed it on the bed as a mattress.


She made all sorts of other things with the tooth – chairs, tables and everything a house would need.


Soon, little kids all over the world started leaving their fallen tooth under the pillow for the fairy. She would leave behind money for their tooth and would use it to build more and more of her house!

Now, can you guess who this fairy is? Yes, that’s our Tooth Fairy 🙂




Maybe they’re seeds
Of a pomegranate tree,
Blazing blue light
On a dark winter’s night

Maybe they’re drops
Of the deep moving Sea
Gliding my boat
In a middle eastern dream

Blue, blue, Midnight’s Blue,
Blue blue, deep prussian blue,
Blue, blue, pour me some blue,
Blue, blue, drink with me too.

Maybe they’re parts of
the mosque coloured blue
Making Dervishes whirl
the night through

Maybe they’re riches
Of an eastern princess
To buy a dream woven
star studded dress

Blue, blue, Midnight’s Blue,
Blue blue, deep prussian blue,
Blue, blue, pour me some blue,
Blue, blue, drink with me too

No, they’re not seeds
Of pomegranate trees
Nor are they drops
Of the deep moving Sea

They are just capsules
Of Vitamin D
That’s what I said – Vitamin D!

Blue, blue, Midnight’s Blue,
Blue blue, deep prussian blue,
Blue, blue, pour me some blue,
Blue, blue, drink with me too


Once upon a time, there lived a very old lady in a cottage as old as her. She had lots of cats. Sometimes, if you looked around the house, you would wonder if it were the cats that owned the house and if the old lady was a mere visitor.

Cats came in and went as they pleased. Some held parties in the hall, others talked in grave tones about the news of the day, some ran about the house playing pranks on each other.


The old lady usually slept through it all. She would wake up only twice during the day. When the cuckoo clock in the dining room struck at 12 O’clock in the afternoon and then once again at 5 o’clock in the evening.

One afternoon as the old lady fell fast asleep in her chair, a dog entered the hall.


All the cats ran helter skelter – some hid behind the curtains, some tried to hide in tea cups and others just stood still, hoping to be invisible.



Two of the cats thought the rocking chair made an excellent hiding place and jumped on the rocking blades! This rocked the chair so much that the old lady flew out of the chair!!


Just at that moment, the clock struck 2 O’clock and the clock door opened to let the cuckoo out. The old lady flew straight into the open clock and got trapped inside the clock !!


Inside the clock where huge wheels that made the clock work. It was all very scary for the old lady.


She tried to open the cuckoo door, but it wouldn’t open! The wheels stopped moving completely and the clock came to a stand still.
‘Help me!!!’ , yelled the old lady.

Now, all the cats loved the old lady very dearly. They wanted to help her out. They all gathered around the clock to come up with a good plan to get her out of the clock. The oldest cat suggested that the clock must be a magical clock, surely, no ordinary clock can let an old lady get through a door small enough for a cuckoo!
The others agreed – yes, it had to be a magical clock.

They had to find a way to make the magical cuckoo clock work again.

‘Try saying ABRA-CAT-DABRA’ , said one cat
‘That doesn’t sound right’ , said another
‘it’s ABRA-CA-DABRA!!!’ , said another
But the clock would still not work.

The cats tried coming up with all sorts of words –

No matter what they said the clock wouldn’t move.

When they finished the list of words they knew, they started making up new words


The clock just wouldn’t work.

‘This clock has gone cuckoo’, declared the oldest cat sadly.

‘Its moving!!!’ , yelled the old lady

The cats realised that the magic word was CUCKOO!!!!!

So they all sat in a circle beneath the clock and chanted CUCKOO CUCKOO till the clock started working again.

When it was three o’clock, they knew the cuckoo door would open up again and the old lady could jump out!

The cats took down a huge curtain and held it beneath the clock to cushion the old lady’s fall.

When it was three o’clock, the door opened and out jumped the old lady into the curtain beneath!


She was so happy to be free! All the cats cheered and were happy to see her.

The cats went back to doing what they did best – some partied, some talked, some ran about the house …
As for the old lady- well, she went back to her rocking chair and rocked herself to sleep.

She closed her eyes and thought that she was lucky to have friends who would help her when in a tight spot, even if they were cats!